2021 Club Tournament Recap

The Luverne Country Club has crowned its champions for the 2021 season. Club tournaments were held in the Women's, Senior Men's, and Men's divisions throughout the month of August.

Women's Tournament

In the last several years, the tourney has taken place on a Saturday. Hoping to increase numbers the tournament was played on a Tuesday, the regular league day for ladies throughout the summer. The increased number of players helped make the tournament a great success. The tournament crowned an overall Club Champion (low overall gross score), flight winners(low gross), and a low net (gross-handicap) winner.

3rd flight
1st - Dana Klay(105)
2nd - Stacy Schepel(109)
3rd - Anitra Overgaard(123)

2nd flight
1st - Joan Kindt(93)
2nd - Susan Schneekloth(95)
3rd - Lynette Springman(96)

1st flight
1st - Marlene Kopp(89)
2nd - Tie: Sharla Reisch(96) and Susan Skattum(96)

President's flight
1st - Sherry Dorhout(88)
2nd - Tie: Colleen Nath(93) and Tracy Hansen(93)

Championship flight
1st - Mary Jo Graphenteen(77)
2nd - Melissa Sandbulte(82)
3rd Paula Lammert(87)

Low Net Winner
Anitra Overgaard(67) and Marlene Kopp(67)

Women's Club Champion Mary Jo Graphenteen had this to say about the tournament:

"The course was in great shape. Keeping the drive in the fairway set up the rest of play. It always helps to get a break or two. The new Tuesday format was a great way to play the club tournament. Being divided into flights allows golfers to compete with players of similar skill level. We have Ladies Day, league play, scramblers, invitationals, and a club championship followed by Fall Golf activities. Hopefully we can continue to encourage women of all ages and skill to come out to the course and enjoy a great game of golf."

ladies club tournament flight winners

Pictured above from left to right: Dana Klay, Joan Kindt, Marlene Kopp, Sherry Dorhout, MJ Graphenteen

Senior Men's Tournament

The Senior Men's tournament crowned an overall Club Champion (low gross score), a low net winner (gross-handicap) and age group flight winners (net score)

Age Group Net Winners Were:

1st - Scott Remme(66)
2nd - Tie: Ryan Fick(73) and Joey Sehr(73)

1st - Dan Kern(69)
2nd - Tie: Jim Stratton(75) and Cory Bloomendaal(75)

1st - Gary Kurtz(70)
2nd - Joe Dorhout(71)
3rd - Scott Olson(73)

1st - Terry Reisch (65)
2nd - Tie: Spencer Sells(72) and Steve Dirks(72)

1st - Tom Arends(73)
2nd - Tie: Dave Gangestad(75) and Greg Thone (75)

Low Net Winner: Terry Reisch (65)

Senior Men's Club Champion: Joe Dorhout(70)

Club Champion, Joe Dorhout, had this to say about his round: "When you hit a lot of greens and make a lot of putts you put yourself in position to possibly win. It was a great day on a spectacular looking course."

senior flight winners

Pictured above from left to right: Tom Arends, Terry Reisch, Gary Kurtz, Dan Kern, Scott Remme, Joe Dorhout

Men's Tournament

The Men's Club Tourney is a 2 day 36 hole tournament. Players in the Championship flight are divided into Championship, President and Vice-President flights after the first day of play. The 3rd flight winner was determined by net score. All other flight winners were determined by low gross score.

3rd Flight
1st - Logan Stratton(148)
2nd - Josh Gangestad (149)
3rd - Mark Springman (151)

2nd Flight
1st - Don Klosterbuer(187)
2nd - Chris Denhoed(188)
3rd - Evan Verbrugge (189)

1st Flight
1st - Dan Kern(172)
2nd - Tom Kopp (173)
3rd - Tim Diedrich (176)

Vice Presidents Flight
1st - Cody Hemme(169)
2nd - Cory Norman (170) play-off
3rd - Greg Stratton(170)

Presidents Flight
1st - Joe Dorhout(163)
2nd - Colton Arends(164)
3rd - James Stratton(168)

Championship Flight
1st - Ben Nath(150)
2nd - Pete Connell(153)
3rd - Coy Gonnerman(161)

Men's Club Champion:Ben Nath

Club Champion, Ben Nath, commented: "Thanks to the LCC Grounds Crew, they did a fantastic job getting the course ready. Also, the LCC staff for their hard work this weekend. It was a wonderful weekend of golf with a great group of guys. I'm glad I made the putt for eagle on 17 to tie Pete Connell. A 3 stroke lead going into 18 instead of a 2 or 1 shot lead was much more comfortable. My caddie, Brandon Klein was a great help and also so thankful my wife and son got to come out and enjoy it with me!"

men's flight winners

Pictured above from left to right are: Logan Stratton, Don Klosterbuer, Cody Hemme, Joe Dorhout, Ben Nath (missing from picture, Dan Kern)

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